When You Need an Adult But You Are an Adult

Nico, 28 

 “I always knew I was going to come to law school. When I graduated from undergrad, the legal market was in bad shape. I worked for a while and waited until it improved. I always knew I was coming, it was just a matter of when.  I gave up a pretty successful career (with good earning potential and growth opportunities). I’ve also had to sacrifice a great deal of time with my husband and children.” 

Getting back into the “swing” of things… I tried to hit the ground running, and honestly the fear of failing pushed me pretty far my first semester. I was also able to take many of the lessons that I learned from working and apply them to be successful in law school. 
Biggest shock of coming back to school… Losing my income haha. 
Greatest challenges in law school… Probably finding the balance between my school work and my home life. I tended to prioritize my home life because coming into law school I thought it might be easy to get caught in the mix. My biggest learning opportunity thus far has been determining how much time I should invest in something. I don’t want to give too little that I don’t do well, but I also don’t want to give too much and end up missing time with my family. 
Greatest resources… Trial and error, mainly. I’ve been able to discuss the challenge with many of my colleagues and even some of the Deans. 
Law school and your personal life… See above! I try to be as efficient as possible with my school work. I don’t invest more than it takes to get the grade that I want. 
Your Story/Advice… My pre-law school career has helped me more than I ever thought it would. I would highly recommend being patient and waiting for the right time. And I would also highly recommend prioritizing your personal life. Not many people have families, but even prioritizing friends and personal activities helps with efficiency and stress management while in school. 

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