When You Need an Adult But You Are an Adult

Arrianna, 22  

“I went to college to go to law school and worked three jobs to get there. I wanted to help people coming from similar backgrounds like me- poor, lgbt persons, and minorities. [I had to give up] providing for my family as much, financial “stability” (more like trying to stay afloat), and of course free time!” 

Getting back into the “swing” of things… I studied much harder- settled into a study group I felt comfortable with and watched lots of videos- also talked out the problems a lot with my support system. 
Greatest challenges in law school… Personal stress and trying not to let family issues/money etc. affect school. 
Greatest resources… Deans in the school, friends I felt close enough to speak to, working out, and online resources like case briefs, notecards, and others to review. 
Law school and your personal life… I used resources within the school to work forward. 
Your Story/Advice… Although difficult to feel part of the crowd or like you belong- there are resources available- specifically Deans, colleagues, and professors who are willing to help you and you should utilize them to get accustomed and acclimated to succeed. In schools that do not feel welcoming because of religion etc., or perceived treatment of minorities such as LGBT people, considering how law school can be so isolating and still geared toward those coming from generations of lawyers, there are people willing to try and make it a more diverse place and understanding place, and grow the curriculum as long as you trust them and work with them to do so. 

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