When You Need an Adult But You Are an Adult

James, 29

James left an adventurous and stable career in the Air Force to pursue a career in the law.   

Getting back into the “swing” of things… I set goals for myself, developed a study plan, and stuck to a consistent schedule 
Greatest challenges in law school… Being an older, married student it’s a challenge to find the time to hang out with fellow classmates outside of classes. 
Greatest resources… My classmates are genuinely good people I’ll be proud to call colleagues. 
Law school and your personal life… Prioritize. Know when you can make personal sacrifices and when it’s best to forgo more enjoyable hobbies in order to get the work done. But you need a healthy outlet. Doesn’t matter what that is just as long as it allows you to unwind and refocus yourself for the work that still lies ahead. 
Your Story/Advice… I’m [an older, non-tradition, and first generation law student]. Biggest thing I would tell others is simply, “you belong.” As someone who guided and observed the professional growth of others in my previous career, I recognize law school is a transformative experience. I’ve seen many young and talented fellow students grow in impressive ways by rising to the challenges of law school and taking advantages of unique opportunities law school offers. 

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