About Our Project

We created this site to ease first generation law students’ learning curve in two very particular ways.

First, this is a primer on how to navigate some of the biggest personal, academic, professional, and career issues that many first gens encounter in law school. It’s not meant to be an exhaustive self-help book, but a primer on the most important challenges– and lessons– of law school.

Relatedly, we want to remind everyone that:
1. You are not alone. If you’re facing a challenge in your law school path, you are not the first person that has experienced it. You are not the only person worried about it right now.
2. You belong here. Facing an obstacle is not a sign that you’re not supposed to be here. A bump in the road does not mean that isn’t for you. You are going to be an amazing attorney, and these struggles will only make you more resilient.

To those ends, we want to curate content written by law students who have been exactly where you sit now so you can learn from our mistakes. We don’t aver to be experts on conquering law school, but we like to think our experience has at least taught us something.

We’ve broken down our content– a combination of lessons learned and advice offered– into four categories.

  • Personal Life— Law school isn’t just a new way of learning, it’s a new way of life. And as a first generation law student, suddenly being thrown into such a different environment– seemingly all on your own– can make it difficult to feel like you belong. This content is to help you overcome personal issues from a lack of representation in the profession, a feeling of isolation among your peers because of your identity, mental health challenges, difficulty conceptualizing yourself with a fancy new identity, and more.
  • Academics–The law is a whole new way of understanding information. No matter how well you’ve done before law school, final exams worth 100% of your grade assessed on a curve are probably new for you. Our content will help you prepare for cold calls, outline your heart out,  and master reading period.
  • Professionalism— Not every law student comes from a white collar background and intuitively knows what business emails look like, how to network, or that eating with your hands is now taboo. We can help.
  • Career Advice–Yes, law school is about learning what a 12(b)(6) motion is, but it’s also vocational school getting you ready find a career you’ll love. Navigating the loads of advice you receive about judicial internships and your 2L summer and OCI can be a lot to take in, especially when it feels like you’re the only one who doesn’t already know what to do and you don’t know who to ask. Ask us.

We hope that what we have to say helps you. We hope you can learn from our mistakes and rise even higher than we have.

Best of luck, friends.

Disclaimer: This site is run by law students who speak from personal experiences. It is not meant to be professional advice, nor is it meant to substitute counsel from any other source. We disclaim any responsibility from adverse reliance on this site or its content.