When You Need an Adult But You Are an Adult

I started law school a few months before I turned 28. I was independent. I was my own pillar, trying to hold up my world single-handedly. I always thought I was an “adult” but, truthfully, I wasn’t. In law school I was challenged in ways I never imagined. I didn’t know who or what my support group was. I want to go back to simpler times when the biggest decision was Batman vs Superman (easily Batman every time). Unfortunately, I was already here, and time machines don’t exist. I tried to adhere to what I thought being an adult was which caused me many hardships. Frankly, I was an adult who needed an adult.

For the most part I was my own worst enemy– blaming my problems on myself when I just needed to destress and talk it out. I found out that being an adult means knowing and using your resources. Being an adult means doing things for yourself. Being an adult means asking for help when you need it. Law school will not level-up anyone into adulthood. It will not change the fact that we all have problems and concerns that we should not force ourselves to handle alone. Adulthood should mean “knowing your resources and asking for help”.  

My story is only one narrative. You are not alone in being confused or challenged during law school. I asked others to share their experience. These are their words.  (P.S. The number next to each name is the age that person was when they began law school.)

(Their stories start on the next page)

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