Black Lives Matter.

Once again, we have seen another Black life brutally taken by police violence. Once again, we demand justice, beginning with systemic change to stop the centuries of institutionalized, legal oppression of Black communities. And once again, we are forced to remind the world that Black Lives Matter. We four women of color— three Black women and a Brown woman— started FirstGenJD to uplift marginalized voices … Continue reading Black Lives Matter.

Blackness in White Spaces

Being black in predominantly white spaces can feel like drowning. Not only do we feel isolated because of our status as a minority, but we feel erased by the persistent and often ambiguous use of “people of color” to address so many struggles that it addresses none. The relationship Black people have with the world is anything but vague. The systems that oppress back people all over … Continue reading Blackness in White Spaces

10 Ways to Ace Law School Classes

One of the first “law school-isms” that you hear is that a law school semester is “a marathon, not a sprint. ” It’s supposed to be an encouraging message—that there’s a long road ahead but there’s time to work your way to the front of the pack. If you just keep running, you’ll make it to the end. But don’t people spend months training for marathons? You … Continue reading 10 Ways to Ace Law School Classes

Finding Further Enrichment through Law School Extracurriculars

One of the ways to sustain yourself though the marathon that is law school is to get involved in activities that interest you. Some of those interests could double as academic credit or legal experience, but some can just be for you. It might seem like there’s no time left over after all the reading, outlining and study-grouping. While that may be true in the … Continue reading Finding Further Enrichment through Law School Extracurriculars