Black Lives Matter.

Once again, we have seen another Black life brutally taken by police violence. Once again, we demand justice, beginning with systemic change to stop the centuries of institutionalized, legal oppression of Black communities. And once again, we are forced to remind the world that Black Lives Matter. We four women of color— three Black women and a Brown woman— started FirstGenJD to uplift marginalized voices … Continue reading Black Lives Matter.

Finding an Area of the Law You’ll Love

The legal profession is filled with ample practice areas to select from. Choosing a particular practice area earlier in your legal career, rather than later, can reduce unnecessary stress in the job hunting process and maintaining a position thereafter. Many online sources offer beneficial tools and guidelines for picking an area of practice early on; this article summarizes some of those methods and provides an … Continue reading Finding an Area of the Law You’ll Love

Getting Your 1L Summer Job

Career services offices are filled with skilled professionals who have done this longer than you may think and are exceptionally knowledgeable; they are the link between the law school and the real world.  For the most part you will hear about job opportunities through your career services via emails or designated sites for job postings.    However before applying for a summer position, you must first focus your … Continue reading Getting Your 1L Summer Job

Making Ends Meet in Law School

As a first-generation law student, you might face challenges financing your legal education– paying for things like tuition, books, rent, professional clothing, and, of course, food. It can seem overwhelming. Just know that regardless of how the odds may stack against you, there is always a way to make ends meet if you are willing to take on the challenge. Already, by getting into law … Continue reading Making Ends Meet in Law School