10 Ways to Ace Law School Classes

One of the first “law school-isms” that you hear is that a law school semester is “a marathon, not a sprint. ” It’s supposed to be an encouraging message—that there’s a long road ahead but there’s time to work your way to the front of the pack. If you just keep running, you’ll make it to the end. But don’t people spend months training for marathons? You … Continue reading 10 Ways to Ace Law School Classes

How to Survive Reading Period

It’s the last day of classes. There are 5 days until your first law school final exam. You know you  aren’t prepared to take the exam but you don’t know how to be. Those 5 days are stretching out in front of you— daunting. You’re used to schedules just being decided for you by classes, but now you have five unstructured, terrifyingly empty days in front of you to figure … Continue reading How to Survive Reading Period