When “OCI” Stands for “Oh, Crap, Interviews?!?”: Applying to BigLaw

This is the third in a four-part series on BigLaw jobs. Find the first installment describing BigLaw here and the second installment here on parsing through BigLaw firms to generate an application list. Okay, so now you know which firms interest you, how do you make them interested in you? What does the application process look like for BigLaw? And what’s the deal with this … Continue reading When “OCI” Stands for “Oh, Crap, Interviews?!?”: Applying to BigLaw

So You Want to Be a BigLaw Attorney…

BigLaw is often touted as the way law students Make It™. But, the BigLaw search was also one of the times I was most palpably conscious of my First Gen-ness because the entire process is so foreign to anyone outside the legal profession. I had never even heard of “BigLaw” before law school, so I didn’t have a single clue what pompous gibberish people were speaking when they … Continue reading So You Want to Be a BigLaw Attorney…

Writing Professional Emails 101

Picture this: you are asked to email your application for your dream summer job. You have your resume, cover letter, and references at the ready. You are ready to apply… but are you? Are you sure your materials are in the correct format? Do you know what to put in the email body? Is your signature correct? Do you have a signature? Is your email … Continue reading Writing Professional Emails 101

Getting Your 1L Summer Job

Career services offices are filled with skilled professionals who have done this longer than you may think and are exceptionally knowledgeable; they are the link between the law school and the real world.  For the most part you will hear about job opportunities through your career services via emails or designated sites for job postings.    However before applying for a summer position, you must first focus your … Continue reading Getting Your 1L Summer Job